How About Some Strangetunge?
Released  Apr 2012
Choice Cuts
Released  June 2010
On The Edge
Released  Aug 2009
"...a CD full of originals that sound like a mix of Richard LLoyd's (of TELEVISION fame) solo-stuff (see "Radiant Monkey") mixed with REM...this band is one of the best out there at any moments...songs like "Mine A Night" or "Collateral Damage" are on a life-soundtrack somewhere...I respect bands like this..."  Shawn Abnoxious, Neus Subjex
"Art pop with folk tendencies, Strangetunge recall the jangle of late 80's indie rock and early Guided By Voices, Bo Diddley channeled by Suicide and Tim Buckley reinterpreted by The Cars..."  Southgate House
"...a sweet hybrid of 60's garage freakbeat and surf, a little 70's power-pop and modern indie rock..."  Shake It Records
"...excellent...I really love "Irresistible Bitch", it's a cool jam  type song..."  Will Thomas
"...this band, this CD, is pretty fucking rockin'"...Shawn Abnoxious, ...THWART!
Tunge In Cheek
Released  Mar 2013
"...a strong, enjoyable effort that shows Strangetunge to have a very tight musical chemistry and an admirable sense of adventurousness '"...Mike Breen, CityBeat
Out of Print
Betty Beat the Devil (ep)
Released  Dec. 2015
Rest Easy, Brother (ep)
Released  Dec. 2015